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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Plenty Of Pumpkins and Other Fall Fun!

 I am busy lesson planning today, but wanted to share a little of how I fill up October with meaningful standards based learning!  Here are some action shots from our learning in October from last year.  I also created a new unit and it is on sale.  More about that at the bottom of the post.

These games are from my October Math Centers

We also spend a week on Spiders which includes a study of expository text and a comparison of spiders and insects.   This unit has literacy centers, math centers, science activities, art, and writing!
The boys in the picture below are playing exterminator!  It's a sight word game where you try not to be exterminated! :)

An all time favorite story and unit is Stellaluna.  It is just a beautiful story and I created a week long book study along with an easy grading rubric.  This unit has math, science, writing, art, and 5 different activities for reading response!

 My newest unit, Plenty of Pumpkins, was uploaded last night and has 7 pumpkin themed math activities with corresponding interactive journal pages.  These can be run on colored paper to add a little kick to your math journal or you can always students do the activities and put them on a regular sheet of paper if you don't use journals.

 My new Plenty of Pumpkins unit is discounted through tomorrow! Happy Planning!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bats, Stellaluna, and Visual Plans!

I am looking forward to another fun filled week of learning.  This week we will be doing our first real book study!  We will be using the book Stellaluna by Jannell Cannon.  This is my 6th year teaching this book study!  It's a favorite for sure!  I have some pictures from past years as well as some new activities that I have added to the unit.

If you have already bought the unit please go redownload it for free!  It has doubled in size!  I just keep adding ideas and lessons to the study!  If you haven't bought it, I kept the price the same at $4 so you are not going to have to pay for anything new either!

 Each day of the week students respond to the book and are scored with a kid and teacher friendly rubric.  The students LOVE earning a 4 and the parents LOVE seeing a rubric so they can see how their child is measuring up.
Example of one of the reading responses:

 Example of the Story Element Puppet:
 Example of the art and writing project:
All the above pictures came from the Stellaluna Book Study.

Now for some word work fun this week:
I wanted to use my spaghetti spelling this week, but because we are in the month of October, instead of placing it in a colander, I am using the cheapo dollar pumpkins instead!  I think it will be a winner this week!  This is a freebie in my store, so click the product preview below to download it.
 Students take a pumpkin, tongs and a recording sheet. I made two depending on how many words you want them to find.
 The mix the spaghetti and pull out the meatballs...
 They shape the noodles to spell the sight word and then write it on the line.
To see how Mrs. Bremer had her kinders use this click here  She was the one that added meatballs to the idea.  She is the meatball to my spaghetti! :)  I love her! to grab this freebie click the preview below.

Here are my visual plans for next week!  Happy Weekend!
I am celebrating a fabulous blog and would love for you to visit!  
Across the Hall in Second Grade
Click their button to see their giveaway!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don't Call the Exterminator!

Why is it harder to teach on the weeks that you know other people aren't teaching?  Some of you who shall NOT remain nameless, "Squirrels" from Going Nutty, is on Fall Break.  I am only 80 percent sure this is even a real reason to take a week off from school.  Mr. Columbus and I are NOT on board with this nonsense.  (OH AND I didn't get Columbus Day off either!!!)

Well as you sit knitting blankets and sipping warm beverages we are having spider week in first grade at my school.  And as much as I love hanging out with spiders and 6 year olds, I am still a tad jealous that SOME of you are not teaching.  Just a tad. 

ANYWAY...let's get on with it shall we?
Here's the spider mania we have enjoyed the last 2 days.

I am going to separate it out by subject for thrills. Hold on to your's getting exciting in here!....ahem....
 When the students came in on Monday morning the science center looked like this.  At first they thought I had decorated for Halloween, but pretty quickly they clued in that it was ONLY spiders.

 We read a non fiction book and then created a quick circle map about what we had read. (and by quick I mean please don't look too's embarrassing!!!!)
 Then students took their circle maps and chose a spider fact sheet to transfer their learning to.  Some choose 3 facts and others chose 4 or 6 facts. 

Today, they took their spider facts page and we did a lesson on how to take information from a graphic organizer and create sentences with it.

I became the coolest teacher ever when I said their work was so good I wanted them to sharpie it!  "Are you sure Mrs. Tunstall?"  "Yes boys and girls this writing is AMAZING!"  :)  
 Tomorrow we will put together the web, spider, and create the bulletin board.  I am pretty sure the anticipation of a new bulletin board will be getting me out of bed in the morning!  Did someone say freshly cut construction paper?  I'm IN!

Spider Math Centers...
I added the spider centers to the October centers I had going this week! 
Spin a Spider from Spider Week 

Pumpkin Place Value
From October Math Centers
 Fly Away Bat

Compare and Order by length
October Math Centers
 Kooky Number Sentences
October Math Centers

Spider Addition
Spider Week
The highlight of today was playing one of the literacy games!  I named it EXTERMINATOR 5.  Students pass the bucket of spider sight word cards. They reach in and pull one card out.  If it is a sight word, they read it and the class reads it back.  If they pull out an exterminator card then they place it on the right of the pocket chart.  If we can get around the entire circle before we pull out 5 exterminator cards, then we are not exterminated!  We had SUCH fun playing this today.  We HAD to play it twice in a row because it was just that exciting!  
 Look at these precious faces!!!

 This spider came from the dollar store this weekend.  She sat on the table that was working the quietest today.  (I was pretty thrilled with this dollar purchase because my class was working silently for this little lady!)
 ****************SQUIRREL ON FALL BREAK*********************
Did I ever share this little number?
My team mate found it on pinterest from Jen at Finally in First
 Me on the Map
 This is our version of Jen's Me on the Map! :)

 Well I hope you made it to the end of this LONG post!  if you are here I love ya for it!  Thanks for coming to school with me!!!