Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

It's a SALE!
 Thanks Hope King for the Gorgeous Sale Button!!!

So I planned to go into school twice in the last two days...ended up getting a whole lot of other randomness accomplished here at home.   Then at the last minute tonight I made a mad dash to my classroom in hopes to set up January in an hour.   (!?)

Obviously I have been out of my classroom for far too long to think that I could prep for January in an hour.  I gave it a good little try but recognized pretty instantly that an entire half day would be in order for me to transform our learning space into a New Year of Academic Bliss...more on that later...

All in all it went down way differently in my head than it did in real life.

I was all excited to use my new Canon and when I turned it on I got the flashing red battery picture.  What a newb.  gah.

Here's a few things that you could snag during the sale to make going back slightly less painful.

These are iphone pics.  Maybe if you squint and tilt your head you can possibly make out the pictures...  I think I was dashing around a little too much for my iphone to handle.
 Geometry Focus Wall

Math manipulative happy spot
 Math Bin Labels

The only area that is prepped for January...sigh...

Math Tubs!
First Round of January Tubs

Winter Math Journal


Oh my goodness I forgot to feed President Bob during vacation!  He's somehow still kickin'
 Class Pet Journal

 Parts of Speech Packet (doesn't need to be done on smart board)
 Parts of Speech

Winter Art and Writing Projects (6 different projects)


 Sight Word Sticks {Spelling Words too!}

 From January to June you can find this happening in our classroom.  There's enough stationary in this pack to change it out constantly and keep interest high! My students can't get enough of this.

 Are your kids as puppy crazy as mine???
Small group and literacy centers

 Ready to hit those struggling readers with the intervention they need?  
These save my bacon for repetition!

 There's lots more where those activities came from...but I've got to snuggle up by the fire now.  Boy these vacation days really take a toll... {I LOVE VACATION!}

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  1. President Bob is hysterical!! I'm off to buy your winter math journals :) Love those! Happy New Year!

    Primary Buzz

  2. I got some Christmas money and your winter math journals were one of the first things I bought. They are great and I can't wait to use them as soon as we get back!
    Teachin' First

  3. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing this to us and it helped me a lot. Looking forward for the next! GBU