Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Teacher's Math Resource Units 1-6 Complete!

It's no secret that I have been spending my Summer immersed in math curriculum planning, but I am excited to say that last night I was able to finish off the 6th unit in my Teacher's Math Resource Packs!  That's the entire first semester of school finished! Check!

I am making my own binders by unit which house all of the following included items:
  • Essential questions
  • Visuals/ posters
  • Big ideas 
  • Word wall words and definitions for vocab
  • Work mats/small group activities 
  • New concepts  
  • Spiraled concepts.  
I think the binder making is making me more giddy than being done with half the year!
{Teacher Nerd in the House!}

For those of you that have asked, yes these are CC aligned.  I am a Texas teacher and they are also aligned to the brand new Texas TEKS for 2014.  I have been cross checking and verifying. I have also been working with our math instructional specialist going back and forth to be sure. {She's amazing y'all and she's starting a blog soon!} 

Unit 6 is what I am calling the Texas Supplement Unit.  In Texas, we will now be responsible for teaching personal financial literacy.  Unit 6 addresses those standards.  For CC people, these are brought up in your social studies standards.  This unit is taught during December.  So it ties in really well with wants and needs, giving to charity, deciding how to spend money etc.

Below are the individual units:
Each picture links you to my store for that particular set. 
If you are on the fence about these, the first unit is free.  Try her out and see what ya think!

 The bundle of all 6 units is discounted for the next 24 hours!

And congrats to my three winners of the Ready for School Pennant!  Rafflecopter chose them so no throwing tomatoes at me!!! The names are posted below in the previous post on the copter itself.  Winners have been emailed.

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Hope we all make it through GR13C. {that's the google reader 2013 crisis}


  1. Your cell phone should have just lit up because I bought this awesomeness! Thanks for diggin in to those new TEKS. I have read them and got a good laugh after reading the language. The GT teacher in me loves it though... Happy Sunday :)

    1. Daliene!! Now that I know these units are loved and approved by you, I know I will love them! It makes me happy to see your name come across my screen after we lost you last year. Miss seeing your smiling face!

  2. Seriously these are OVER THE TOP awesome. You are making my life soooooo much easier for next year, this is why you are one of my super heros. Thanks for always rockin' it out. PINNING!!!!!!!!!!!

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  3. GR13C ....rofl....I love it!! What a drama Google Reader's exit has become!! I love these kits and I am heading over to check them out right now! Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Circus

  4. These units are fantastic. What a blessing they will be to first grade teachers, especially Unit 6 in Texas. I teach third grade and would love to see a product like this for my grade level, especially if it was aligned for the new Texas Standards. Wow!

    Teaching With Moxie

  5. YEEHAW :) Haha (the TX teacher in me just had to say it!!)! Thank you, Reagan, for such a wonderful resource!!! Can't wait to print!

    Little Miss Primary

  6. Oh, Reagan, How I wish I could BEG you into doing this for kindergarten!!! If you have "spare time"...consider it! I'm thinking BIG TPT sales! Looks great! You are the best!!!

  7. I agree. I have been searching pinterest for kindergarten new twos stuff and there is very little. Please consider this.

  8. Sorry that. Was teks

  9. So do you use a math curriculum? We use Math Expressions and I dislike it very, very much. Not aligned with common core so I am going to have to supplement to meet the needs of common core. One person on my team is piloting Investigations this year.