Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mega-Mode in January!

I have NEWS!!!!'s nothing life changing and I am sorry if the caps and exclamations got you overly excited, but....I am crazy excited because I got an email from Mr. Marc stating that my class has won a skype session with him!  WHAT?!!!!!!

I "liked" the Adventure to Fitness facebook page a few months ago and just doing that entered me into a drawing to win!  If you don't know what Adventure to Fitness is, it is an online 30 minute educational workout with amazing lessons and adventures!  My kids LOVE inside recess now! (and I can honestly say that it makes me happy to know they are learning and working out!)

The torrential downpours that we experienced Tuesday and Wednesday gave me the perfect opportunity to keep my kids inside for recess and let Mr. Marc work them out! 
 (action shot of episode playing in our room on the smart board)

We are skyping next week!  Aaaah!!  I am SO excited!
I better kick my New Year's workout plan into MEGA-MODE!

Academically we have had a great week too!  
Here are a couple of our math tubs this week taken from my Jam Packed January Centers

Whooo Knows their Doubles?     
Weather Spin, Graph, and Tally
and Whooo Knows the time?
There are 10 math tubs in the unit

And here are a couple pictures of our literacy centers taken from the same Jam Packed January Unit
 owl words (onset and rhyme to ow)
compound weather  (compound weather words)
Snowman Melt (antonyms)
There are 10 total literacy centers included too
So if you are in need of some winter centers you can get all 20 centers here!

The big push of our week has been with letter writing.  Boy have we opened up a whole new world of writing!  What fun we have had!
Here's a few pictures from our week

 To get the letter writing unit just click the pic below
What a whirlwind!  TGIF!


  1. This is the 2nd post I have read tonight on Adventure to Fitness! I am going RIGHT now to check it out! Thanks for posting! I had no idea this was out there!! It sounds really neat! I love your centers. They are so cute! I wish I used centers but I do the Daily Five.

    1. Oh yeah..CONGRATS on winning!!! It is ALWAYS fun to win!! :)

  2. Had no idea there was such a thing! You are right, SO perfect for indoor recess. Headed over to check it out! Glad ya'll didn't float away. I know we almost did with that CrAzY 2 day rainstorm!

    For the Love of First Grade

  3. Wow, that is so cool! I do an old fitness video with my students from time to time. I will have to check into Adventure to Fitness. It looks like a fitness routine that the students would enjoy. Congratulations on winning!

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  4. Congratulations on winning and a great academic week ;)

    I didn't even know Marc existed. You've opened my world a bit.

  5. Congrats on winning! That is sooo exciting!
    Crayons and Curls

  6. Ahh! I am SO excited for you!

    I just introduced my students to Mr. Marc on Tuesday when the crazy rain came pouring down. They L-O-V-E-D him! We didn't have time to do the full 30 minute video and they were so sad. (Luckily-for them) We were able to stay inside again on Wednesday to get more Mega Mode Action.

    I think it's hilarious and super cute to watch my first graders get so excited about pretend climbing and out-running a fake landslide or whathaveyou.

    I'm jealous you get to skype the with THE Mr. Marc!

    Please update me on how it goes.

    -The Frizz in First Grade

  7. I love Adventure to Fitness! We used it today. Last year my class won a Skype visit with Mr. Marc, they were beyond excited. Congrats!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  8. Reagan...someone needs to give you the Teacher of the Year award!! Seriously!! You are amazing and I fondly think of you as the Energizer Bunny! You just keep going!! I adore you Reagan!!
    The Moffatt Girls

  9. Congrats, that is so cool! You are a super teacher!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  10. Cool! I don't know who Mr. Marc is but it sounds great. I love all your units we are also using them. just an aside I was being evaluated today and one kid had his feet out so I said what I always say, "you don't want me to fall on you I'm a fat old lady." The kids then said "you're not fat you're fluffy". Where they came up with that I don't know. Then I realized the principal was still in the room. Yay, I bet he was impressed, not. Oh well. Have a Good Friday and congrats on the Skype.

  11. Wow! I LOVE Mr. Marc!!! How fun - I'll bet the entire Skype will be super high energy. My kiddos feel like they already know Mr. Marc so I cannot imagine what yours will feel like after the Skype. Enjoy!

  12. Congrats! How exciting for you!

  13. Congratulations!!! We LOVE Mr. Marc! Last year, I had to argue about needing to go OUT, because they wanted to stay in with Mr. Marc! Very cool for you and your class! I hear "Mega-mode" out on the playground all of the time :)

  14. How fun! Your firsties always look so engaged..I bet they love being in your classroom. Lucky kiddos! :)

  15. Congrats! I had never heard of Marc before, but just looked him up - he looks wonderful. I'm sure my kids would LOVE him. Have fun Skyping him :)

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  16. We love Mr. Marc. Our principal introduced it to us a while ago when we had to start adding more structured physical activity into our day (state law). The kids love it.
    Primary Paradise

  17. I just heard about Adventure to Fitness and signed up last night. I can't wait to use it in my room.
    Teachin' First

  18. Thank you for introducing me to Mr. Marc. I can't wait to sign up and check it out. I have been using deskercise on Discovery Education, but I would love to add some variety with our rainy day recess activities. Now that it's winter we end up being inside a lot more. You rock girl! Thanks again!! :)

    First Grade with a Cherry on Top

  19. LUCKY CLASS!! We love Adventures in Fitness! My class last year wasn't into it but this year they all say YEAH when I turn it on! Can't wait to hear about the Skype session!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  20. I have not met this Mr. Marc! Is he single?!? ;) Just kidding! I'm so checking that out! I have wanted a mailbox in my class forever - I'm fully inspired to go to Home Depot now! Thanks for a great post!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  21. Thank you for sharing about Adventure to Fitness. I finally had time today to show my firsties and they loved it!!