Saturday, January 12, 2013

Home Office Makeover Reveal

For Christmas, my mom made me sketches of how to make over my home office. We finished up this week, and I am excited to show you my new favorite room.
*Disclaimer...these are not great photos.  The walls are a neutral color but look yellowed in some of the photos.  The lighting is a mess but the room actually has soft cozy lighting.  I tried bringing in light, using flash, using no flash, turning lamps on, turning lamps off, and finally just decided to go with the best of what I had!*

Window Wall (back wall) Before
Window Wall After 
I found the chevron fabric at Hobby Lobby and my mom made 4 panels.  She is amazing and was able to match up that chevron so you can't even tell there are two panels on each window.  The work table is special to me because it is my dad's desk from his printing/graphic design business.

This is where the prepping happens!
Paper cutter
This is my happy spot!
 I am crazy about my printer stand.  The printer and stand were Christmas presents from hubs and mom.

Sad (embarrassing) Computer Desk Before.... (right wall)
Computer Desk After
We added a file cabinet and shelving.
The desk was my Nana's sewing desk.  It's weathered but I adore it.
Above my Computer... The computer desk wall is on the right side of the room-this is how it ties into the back window wall.  My Oscar the grouch trash can is possibly my favorite purchase!!!!  It's gray, it's huge, and I fill it constantly!  The arch to the right goes into a vanity/full bath.

 Left Wall Before

 Left Wall After

Door (room entry) Wall Before

 Door (room entry) Wall After

 I love this little wall area!  My bags have a place to live!  I can also keep myself a little more on track with the dry erase board! 



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love your Oscar trash can!! :)

    Miss R's Room

  2. I just showed these pics to my hubby! I'd love to have a new work space and this one is an inspiration! I'm sure you'll come up with many creative ideas here!!!
    Teach With Laughter

  3. What a beautiful room. I love all the before and after photos.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  4. Wow! The office make over is fabulous. It was fun to see the transformation with the before and after photos.

  5. Love the space!! What a transformation! It is beautiful! I would want to spend my time in there!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  6. Gorgeous Reagan!!! I'm in love. :)

  7. Perfect little space! I need one of those! Adding it to my "vision" board!!
    Momma did good :)


  8. Love the Oscar trash can! I have the same grey chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby and I used it to make a fabric headboard! I love all of the chevron fabric they have. I wish I could buy it all! Your office looks like such a nice place to work now!

  9. Girl!!!! BEAU....TI....FUL!!!!! When ya coming to do mine? So fun and fresh and inspiring:) I would love to have an office like this!!! I may have to! Thanks for sharing:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  10. Love it!! I gotta get going on mine. You are an inspiration! Love the wall with the white board.

    Terri Izatt

  11. Looks FABULOUS! You know I love me some chevron!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  12. I have an empty room (a.k.a. sunroom turned dog crate/toy space) that would be perfect for a mini-office. My husband is ALWAYS complaining about my "crafts" and "teaching stuff (he says crap)". Maybe if I show him pics of your office nook, it would give him insight as to what we could do with the room!

    I think you are responsible for my new love of Chevron. Wish I could have made it to the Chewy's Meet-Up. Maybe this summer there will be another TX Bloggers Meet-Up. Have you ever thought about doing one in Austin/Waco that way people from the North TX Area could join in??

  13. I adore your printer stand, it's rustic & beautiful, & nicely organizes all the paper!!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  14. Your room looks fabulous!! I adore the panels your mom made. So pretty! Love it all :)

  15. Love it! My "office" is in transition...I feel weird calling it an office, because it seems so businessy and grown-up, but it is what it is!

    My favorite might be your framed blogger graphic! What a great idea that I might steal before the day is done.

    Thanks for sharing all the pics! Your office looks fabulous and you gave me some great ideas!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  16. I am green with envy, that printer stand is all sorts of gorgeous! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!!!!

    Kindergarten Kidlets

  17. LOVE!!! I wish I had one! Thanks for sharing. You did a fabulous job!
    KErri B
    Teacher Bits and Bobs

  18. Very pretty! I need to work on my office space! So thanks for the ideas!

  19. Love it! The colors are beautiful and I love all your space to work. Your bag wall is GREAT! I need something like that in my office space. It would get the bags off the floor.

    Thanks for sharing

    Mrs. Greene's Kindergarten Korner

  20. Wow, I love it! It really makes me want to begin RIGHT THIS SEC and redo our "study" where I've basically taken over!!! Hmmm, what would my hubs say??? I think it looks FAB and I must say you have quite a "Fancy" work area! I don't know if i could keep it so neat. Seeing the before/after really makes me think about possibilities in mine. Thanks!

  21. EVERYTHING you do is just AMAZING!! Love it! Can you PLEASE send your mom over to redo my office too?
    The Moffatt Girls

  22. I love this! You have inspired me to update my home soon as I get my actual work office/classroom organized then it will be time for my home. :-)

  23. Oh. my. gosh. LOVE! I have a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate. I try to be super-curteious to her and limit all of my blogging stuff to my neatly organized desk in the corner of our living room. You make me want to have a bigger place with a home office! I love your workspace SO much!


  24. Your office looks great! A filing cabinet is always a great addition to any home office.


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  25. Oooh, I love it! It looks great! An office make-over is on my to-do list for this summer and I may steal, I mean borrow, some of your ideas ;-)

  26. Your office looks amazing! I wish I had a space just for my office. Our computer desk is in the "man cave" at my house. That is a requirement for our next house is to have a space just for my office. I love the area with the hooks for your bags and the whiteboard. That is a great idea. I like how you incorporated pieces that have a lot of meaning to you in your room.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

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  28. I love your new space! Even your old space puts my junky office to shame. lol You have inspired me to re-vamp my office, but I need another pair of eyes to help me with some ideas. I surely need the Oscar Trash can, I usually just throw it on the floor and pick it up when I'm done (hopefully the same day :P). Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  29. Girl, that was fast! How in the world did you do that so quickly?? Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  30. What a fun room makeover!!! It looks great!! I love all your fun accent pieces!

    Lessons with Laughter

  31. So cute! I love your printer area! I also LOVE that you have meaningful pieces of furniture! So precious!

    Primary Polka Dots

  32. Gorgeous!!!! I love how its so practical and inviting!!

  33. Oh my goodness, just beautiful. I am so jealous of your gorgeous new space:)


  34. Wow, great job. I would love to have a room to work in that looks like this! So beautiful and inspiring.

  35. Wow -- I absolutely love it! I currently have no office space at my house so my teaching stuff is spread out between my dining room table and guest room. I'm getting my unfinished basement partially finished this winter (starting Monday - yay!) and I will finally have a work space! Your area is inspiring!


  36. OH MY, it's gorgeous! I even found your "before" pics inspiring! hmmm...I'm getting ideas now. Enjoy your space!!

  37. This is AMAZING! I'm in the process of setting up my tiny office in my apartment. I had planned to go with a blue and black theme kinda like you have. Total inspiration! I'm pinning this to Pinterest so I don't forget about it.

  38. I love everything about your office....I wish I could hire you to consult me! :) You and your mom did an amazing job. BEAUTIFUL!!

  39. How lovely! What a wonderful place to prepare :)

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  40. WOW! How great your office looks! What a wonderful place to create. I love your curtains and your To Do board! :)

    Third Grade All Stars

  41. What a wonderful space to have!

  42. Love, love, love. I follow you on Pinterest and read your blog as often as possible. Love your ideas and layout of activities and pkgs. Thanks for sharing this beautiful office space. This room looks very inspiring!


  43. I want my own office now! :) I'm sure it will be so helpful when creating. Have fun in there!! Get workin' on some more math centers so I can buy them!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Sample’s Superstars

  44. Beautiful.. Just beautiful. Two questions
    Do you LOVE your printer and cutter? I need both. Any recommendations on style/brand?

  45. Lovely! You are inspiration in so many ways. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  46. Love! So nice and inspirational. I bet you are going to get in there and make lots of good stuff for us!

  47. So beautiful! You and your mom make a great team!

  48. Love it! I especially love that you have your dad's desk. I reorganized my office of the break, and it's made me so happy while I've worked in there. Enjoy your space!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  49. WOW!! Love this INCREDIBLE make-over! The first thing I thought while I'm reading this is you should definitely submit this to I Heart Organizing!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  50. Reagan I adore your office! Mine is in the middle of a major makeover and I am jealous that yours is all done and beautiful. I am also in the market for a paper cutter... what brand is yours and do you like it?

    Adventures in Kindergarten

  51. Adding that chevron fabric did the trick. Your home office is an inviting place to work in. Thank you for this post.

  52. Oh my my next (bigger) house! Love your transformation and your special, family pieces. So neat!

    Teach On.

  53. Love your office. The curtains could have been floor length. The short length makes it look like you ran out of fabric. Longer curtains make windows appear larger and grander. Not being critical just a suggestion.