Thursday, January 3, 2013

Classroom Pictures-Ready for January!

I went in to school today to get things ready for Monday.  I thought I only had a couple things to do but ended up staying for over 5 hours! What?!

I got a lot accomplished and I am feeling good about heading back on Monday.

Here's what I changed up!

Inspired by the SUPER DUPER cute bulletin board that DoodleBugs shared on her Facebook Wall, I made this bulletin board outside my door.
 I updated my attendance file to January mittens!  The kids walk in and move their mitten to show that they are present.

 The attendance files are from my buddy Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade!  She has 20 different files bundled for the year! Check them out HERE

 I updated my date area and I decided to change up my objective board.  I am listing the 4 most important for both ELA and math and then placing a little mitten by the one that we are really focusing on for the day.   It's hard to even narrow it down to 4 in the two subject areas!!! 
To get the Reading objective cards click HERE.
To get the Math objective cards click HERE.

Next, I ventured over to the word work station and did a big clean out.  I took out all our word work centers from December.  I added in some activities like popcorn words, chunks, antonym cards, blends and chunk puzzles.  I did this because I will be slowly adding a new January literacy center each day until I have a good amount of choices.  Then I will weed out the puzzles and cards again.  It is just a good way to transition us into a whole new batch of centers.
 Aren't those clipboards so so sad?  I need a pintervention for sure...Maybe this Summer?

Then I emptied out our old writing paper choices for the writing center and got is ready to implement our new Mailbox Station!  You can see the post on this HERE.
 Next, I changed out my math tubs from December to January!  I use a combination of Bridges Math tubs and my January Math Tubs.  I also have 4 kids on computers during this time as well. 
To see more about all 10 January math tubs click HERE.
 We have been studying the ocean, the layers of the ocean, bodies of water, habitats, and just about everything else we can squeeze into this theme.  This week we are making a jellyfish at the science center and learning about the surface layer of the ocean.  Since it is so crafty this week they love this one. 
See that chart with directions?  It is a large teaching chart cut into quarters!  It is a top quarter since it still has the spiral.
 As the day wound down for me I tackled my dreaded teacher clutter that was lurking behind my small group desk.  It was getting hairy back there.  I may have opened a large rubber maid and just scooped and hid it for now.  I just can't do a nitty gritty sort at 4pm on a vacation day....But what is left feels nice and clean! Ha!
 I arranged our little furniture because the rooms had been cleaned and things were all pushed around when I walked in. 
 I wrote a special morning message for my class that we are going to finish together on Monday.  I asked them what our rules are!!!   
 I placed "Snowflake" our class pet on my chair.  They will be so excited to see him again!
To see more about the class pet writing click Here.
 I added our first of 10 January Literacy Centers to the top of the pocket chart because it is the first thing we do after morning message and it leads us right into the daily five.
 I rearranged where my students sit so I left them each a mitten with their name and a special sticker to help them find their new table, team, and seat.  Plus their caddies are full of brand spanking new crayons, pencils, and glue sticks!!! It's so exciting for me for them!
 Before I left I dusted and let me tell you that this black computer desk was filthy!!! What a relief! 
I also decluttered this area because it was full of notes, candy canes, hawk bucks (our school money) and used post-its. 
I'll be back soon with visual plans and a fun morning work freebie to kick off the new year at school!!
Take Care!


  1. Your room is SUPER cute! Looks like you had a productive day! Teachers reported back today and we had PD ALL day long... no time in the classroom for us. =(

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  2. Wow. You were productive. What a great feeling! I am going to school tomorrow.

  3. I would love to post my objectives the way you do. I don't have the cutsy fonts & etc, but really would like to do this soon. I love all your centers that you change up each moth, but I only have a few & do not have the money to buy them. Your blog is very inspiring & makes me wish I had more technology experience & keeps me upbeat about doing things for my kids.
    Thanks, Jackie

  4. I just loved this post! First off, your snowman board is beyond cute! You are so talented! Second, I just want to move into your classroom. It is so cozy! It is more like a warm, welcoming home! I would be excited to go back to school in that classroom!

    Enter My 250 Follower Giveaway!


  5. I so, very much so, LOVE your classroom!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  6. I love your room! It looks so welcoming and I agree with Ash...I want to move in!

    You were a busy bee and it shows...great work!

    Craft of Teaching

  7. Your room is an inspiration! I look at your pictures and I know where I want to go. It's back to room again tomorrow. I am to use this break to get things organized better. Thanks for sharing!!

    Terri Izatt

  8. Wow are you sure you only spent 5 hours not 5 days? You are amazing and I love your room and products.

  9. I love ypur room. So organized. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your classroom is amazing!!! Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures for inspiration!
    Teaching in the Valley

  11. Kudos to you! I went in on Tuesday and was WAY less productive! Love all of your ideas and can't wait to incorporate some into my daily routines!!

    Mr. First Grade

  12. It would have easily taken me 3 hours to make that snowman bulletin board! No, I'm not kidding!!!
    For your clipboards, Wal-Mart has "duct tape pages". Yes, entire pages. In fact, last week they were on clearance. I'm not sure you would find something that would match your color scheme. They might not be a forever fix, but they would work for a semester.


  13. That BB is to die for! Your classroom is an amazing learning environment.
    My Second Sense

  14. Your classroom looks wonderful and ready for the rest of the year! I love that bulletin board! I wish I had one I could decorate outside my room! We have concrete blocks and only ticky tacky holds anything up so it would be hard to put something up like your board. Hope you have a smooth first week back!
    Rambling About Reading

  15. Wow, you've been busy! And I love how homey your room feels :) Pinning!

    Teachery Tidbits

  16. WOW!!!! Could you come organize my classroom??? You have the cutest classroom EVER! What an inspiration you are! LOVE your class pet..will be buying this real soon and getting started. Thanks for all of your GREAT ideas! Could I come and shadow you fora week or month??? I would come back so refreshed!! Happy New Year!


  17. GO Reagan! Your room looks great as always. I love your attendance board.


  18. Hey Reagan, you inspire so many! You must be so proud of yourself; if my room were like yours, decluttered. I could accomplish so much more.

    I see your objectives are for K/1st... Do you ever take orders for example for 2nd grade? I know it would be extra work for sure but I didn't think it would hurt to ask.

    Whether you do or not, I will continue to check in for more great ideas and new items!

    Happy New Year,

  19. Wow, your room looks amazing! It is very neat and organized!

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  20. Your room is precious! I would never want to leave! Have a great Spring semester!
    ~Brandy Nicole

  21. I spent a few hours yesterday and today in my room. I flipped the layout of the classroom and think I made a bigger mess! Your room looks fabulous. I might need a large Rubbermade bin before Monday though:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  22. Your room is absolutely beautiful! We don't have access into our buildings or classrooms during our break. In fact, the building is only open one Saturday every six weeks throughout the year. It looks like you were extremely productive! That will feel good when you go back next Monday. I had to pack up my entire classroom before the break, because they are replacing our floors. I won't be able to unpack and put things back until after our in-service and training on Monday. Looks like it will be a late night for me before the kids come back. Ugh!

  23. I love love love your classroom!! You truly inspire me- thanks! :)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  24. I always love looking at pictures of your classroom. It feels like it should be on a design show, for sure! Enjoy your last few days!!!


  25. Your room is so homey,calming,and cute! I love how you incorporate "real" furniture like your black computer desk and chevron stool in with school furniture.

    Kindergarten Kel

  26. Seriously you are my favorite blogger ever! Thank you for all the helpful TPT products you create and the awesome inspiration through your posts. Today you know I was zooming in like crazy to see all the fine detail throughout your classroom! It's something to aim for, which I really appreciate. Good luck on the New Year and keep doing what you're doing!!

  27. When I have kids I want them to be in your class.

  28. GirlFRAN!!!! You have been busy!!! It all looks adorable!!
    Michelle @ Smitten With First

  29. WOWZER!!! I'm exhausted just reading your post. It would have taken me all week to accomplish what you did in one day! I wasn't planning on going in at all before Monday, but now, I feel embarrassed by my room. I may just have to venture in after all. You are an inspiration.

  30. amazing! love everything- I think my favorite is the way you are going right into the rules at carpet- very smart!
    Miss ya girl:)
    Go Nutty With Me!

  31. I made a note in my planner to review the rules after my first day back last year! LOL!! Your room is to die for. I think you should start a Classroom Makeover show or something!
    Finally in First

  32. Hi Reagan,
    Your room is amazing and you are such a speedy and focused worker...I went in the other day and got very little done. Thank goodness I can go in and work all day tomorrow. I have a question for you. What do you use to tack your border to your whiteboard around your date and bubblegum maching picture? Last year I used glue dots and they were a nightmare to get off. Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It looks like you started the year with lots of energy! I would never get tired of seeing your classroom photos: cozy and organized. :)

  34. Your classroom is so beautiful and organized! I wish I had more space/freedom to decorate how I want in my space! :) You are such an inspiration, thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

    Fun in PreK-1

  35. Wow -- your room looks great! It's so warm and inviting!

  36. Your room is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! A big "WOW!"

  37. Talk about inspiration...WOW! Please come help me!! Your room looks amazing. I am going in today. Boy do I have a lot of work to do!!

  38. I love your room!! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures! I have a quick question. What do you use the gumball machine for that is under your date board? Thanks!

  39. Your classroom amazes me and motivates me to put even more into my classroom next year!! Thanks for sharing!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  40. Hello Mrs. Tunstall ;) Everything looks great, and you've been such an inspiration to me this year. It's in that spirit that I let you know that your Discovery Bottle pictures from your website are being used, seemingly without any credit to you, at this post

    I apologize if it's a bit of drama for nothing, but it surprised me and saddened me to see somebody's work (and pictures for pete's sake) without even a credit or link. Perhaps you are a colleague, and this was done with your permission. If so, that's not clear.

    Also, would MUCH rather have a sent a (private) email, but couldn't find contact information for you.

    Have a great start to 2013, and I truly hope this is nothing at all, but wanted you to know,just in case.
    A Fan <3

    1. Oh I see where she has your permission! Yay :) and carry on lol

  41. Everything looks awesome! {No surprise there!}. I had Denise's Smartboard Attendance file on my wishlist over the summer, and then I found out I was no longer the happy owner of a SMART Board...such a BUMMER!! They're so cute! Good Luck heading back on Monday...we've already been back for 3 days :/

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  42. Your classroom is gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! And the big snowman on your bulletin board is very cute! I was wondering if you painted your room or chose the colors? The purple on the wall behind your horseshoe table is a very pretty color. I may print your objective cards- I love them!. I'm just trying to decide if I have room for them. Thanks so much for sharing.
    First Grade Found Me

  43. I would just like to say that your blog is my "go to" blog. I start with yours every day and often use your list of favorite blogs to continue my blog stalking. I do not have a blog of my own, but have enjoyed the ideas of all of the blogs I visit. I also love spending money on TPT products.

    I adore your room. It looks like such a homey place. I have tried to replicate some of the areas in your pictures. Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration. You are truly a gifted educator.

  44. Your room is so cute and homey! I bet the kids love it!


  45. I just love looking at your classroom! Have a great first day!

    A Pirates Life for Us

  46. Wow! I LOVE your room! It seems so big! I would love to be able to have areas devoted to different activities. You got a lot done in five hours! Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me to tidy up when I get to school on Monday!

    Teaching With Moxie

  47. I just found your blog today and boy have I been missing out! I love how your objectives are displayed in kid friendly terms with matching pictures. Our new principal wants our objectives displayed as well. Good luck this semester.

  48. I always love seeing pictures of your classroom! It really does look like home! You are definitely ready to go back to school. Thanks for sharing about Denise's Smartboard files. Those look so great!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  49. I love your classroom! It's so cozy and inviting. I checked out your letter writing post and love the idea. I am forever getting onto my kids about proofreading and this idea just might do the trick.

    I Heart Teaching Elementary

  50. I love the carpet...could you please tell me where you got it?

  51. Your room is amazing! I love the computer desk and the rug. Beautiful!
    Teachin' First

  52. Your room is so, so cute! Random question... I have been looking into buying a new dry erase easel. I've seen yours in a few posts. Where did you get it? Thanks!

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I love your room. A room like that makes teaching so much more exciting.

    Darling Little Learners

  55. Your room is amazing! We went bal on Wednesday, but we didn't have any teacher workdays and we can't get in the building on off days, or I would have loved to do some cleaning and organizing! I'm jealous!! Too cute:)

  56. LOVE your room! I just purchased your objectives for both reading and math on TPT! :)
    I am wondering how you use the gumball machine that is on one of your boards. Is it a behavior incentive?
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  57. This is amazing! I am so lucky to work with you! Looking forward to getting to know you better! You could have a second career in room design!

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  62. Please come teach in my classroom. Thank you. :) Happy New Year!

  63. As everyone says, you are such an inspiration! Your classroom is adorable and so welcoming. It looks so cozy and clean! I could never create that atmosphere in my classroom. Your bulletin board is amazing as well.
    I wish I could re-create it all!
    Thanks for all of your fantastic ideas. I look forward to more throughout the year.