Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I met Kim Adsit!!!

Today I attended the SDE conference here in San Antonio.

 I signed up back in September when I caught a picture of Kim Adsit on the flyer in my teacher mailbox.

Before blogging I would have seen any flyer and made a swift  sweeping motion from my teacher mailbox to the trashcan.

This time, I caught a glimpse of Kim's cute face staring at me from my teacher mailbox and ripped the flyer out to fully examine it like a nit on a first grader's head.

I turned to the first teacher I could find and enthusiastically said, "Oh my Gosh, I know her!!!"

I'm not going to lie,  I got a blank stare and a half smile...not bad for 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon.

I rushed to my AP  jumping up and down I begged and politely request to attend the conference.  Not only did she say sure, but she asked to attend with me!

Today was the big day!
I spent my day with Kim Adsit.
Let me share some adjectives that describe my new BFF , ahem, my colleague Kim.

Hard Working
Super Teacher

The teacher in me really wanted to make an acronym of her name and then draw hearts, and rainbows around it but alas, I am a professional. 
 Unless you are new to blogging or teaching I am SURE you are already following Kim and have 15 of her products, but just in case you don't...

SDE Website
Kim's Blog
Kim's Website
Kim's TpT Store

As a bonus I met Peace, Love, and Kindergarten today. 
We had lunch!
Sorry about the picture.
I asked a nice man to take our picture.
That's his thumb by my head.
The two cuties on the left teach and blog at Peace Love and Kindergarten.
Shannon next to me (my AP) blogs at If My Calculations are Correct
and then there's me on the right under the thumb. :)

It was an altogether fabulous day!
I am completely inspired! 


  1. Ha!!! A nit on a first grader's head.... That made me giggle out loud :-) too bad it's so true! I bet you had an absolute blast today!


  2. Aaaah, others just don't understand how this kind of thing sends chills up your spine unless they are blog addicts, stalkers...I mean those of us who love the teaching blog world. Such fun for you.
    Primary Paradise

  3. Oh, this looked like so much fun! I'm happy that you are SO HAPPY!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  4. You definitely hit the nail on the head with your description of Kim. I've had the privilege of seeing her present on at least 4 different occasions, and I learn something new from her every time. Not only is she a fab presenter, but she is a wonderful friend!

  5. Isn't Kim amazing!!!!?!? She is my teaching HERO {among some other amazing teachers...like you!}}! I got to see and meet her this past Spring!! Love, Love, LOVE HER!
    So glad you got to enjoy a day to play with fellow teachers and learn something! :)
    Sure wish I lived closer to San Antonio!

  6. I love Kim too! I was star stuck when I got to see her when she came to CT. She is so nice. I email her a question every now and then and she always replies. How nice is that?

    It sounds like you had a great day!

  7. Love it!!! And, I love that fact that I really feel like I "know" all of our fellow bloggers. Everyone must think we're crazy ;)

    Fun In First

  8. Sounds like such a great conference. I love that your AP jumped on board with you... and that your AP blogs!

    Polka Dots & Teaching Tots

  9. The nit comment almost made me fall off my chair!! I love that your AP went with you and blogs! Super fabulous day...and they were just as lucky to meet you!

    The Resourceful Apple

  10. Thanks for such sweet comments. It was a fun day for me too.

  11. How awesome that you met Kim. She is amazing!! I read a few of your posts down below. I have to tell you I love your tech Santas, they're adorable!

    The Hive

  12. It was so fun to meet you!! We sure enjoyed having lunch with you! It was such a great day!!!
    Peace, Love, and Kindergarten

  13. I saw her last week in Nashville. She is amazing!! I had seen her a few years ago-- I had decided I wanted to be her when I grew up! This last time I was like you-- I was gushing with excitment!!!