Saturday, November 3, 2012

Visual Plans...and life!

Here's my plans for the week!  I am excited about this NORMAL non-conferencing, non Halloween week ahead!  I have Thanksgiving in my sights! {There's a free unit in the plans too}
oh...I forgot to add the two math tubs that I have in my Veterans Day Unit to the visual plans, but I definitely plan to use them all week!  Here's what they look like...

 Here's how our second week of hands on common core centers went!  We have one more week until we have all done them all to "expert level".  I like to call it that. Whatever makes them take ownership of the learning!
Here's how my Wednesday went...It was Science Day.  But I didn't include my costume or anything personal in that post...So here's my costume and....
{if you click the image above you will head to her blog}

And now to get really personal...My family is celebrating!
Happy Planning!  {and hopefully resting!}


  1. Reagan, Love how your pics show variety with strong, hands on learning activities! Your kiddos must be super smart! My kids always picked out dad's bday cake, so for years he got Scooby Doo, Star Wars, etc... Love it, family bdays are the BEST!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  2. Thanks for the blog love! I have to say, I'm glad we are moving on into November (Shocktober is too intense for me). The house looks beautiful! I wish my hubby would get me some landscaping and a cleaning lady for my birthday.
    Have fun tonight! I really want to take Sarah to see Wreck-It Ralph!

  3. I look forward to your visual plans every week! Thank you for posting those. I have purchased pretty much everything you've made. Ha! I just love your stuff. I need to get on the ball with my math centers though. Not enough time in the day! How do you introduce them and get them all started? Do they catch on pretty quickly? I've always had an easy time with reading centers but for some reason I have a hard time with math centers. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks:)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  4. That is one amazing looking gorgeous front yard!
    My Second Sense

  5. Your house is beautiful! Must be that new yard work :)

    Your classroom looks like the place to be, like always!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  6. Reagan,

    Hi! I recently purchased your common core math centers and plan to use them next week during math. I am super excited about them! I have a question for you you do 1 activity a day and just print out enough for all your groups or have several centers a day and assign a group to visit it 1 day 2 days etc?

    Thanks for your awesome stuff! :)


  7. 2 or 3 children are at each different center a day. I introduce only one a day. To first get things going I start with very easy centers that all students can o independently. Things like roll and cover or my back to school centers which are very basic.

  8. Reagan, I bought and just printed out your math common core pack. Do you have each child work independently or pair up? Thanks!

  9. Hi Ashley,
    These are tough centers for first timers. If you are introducing them, then I would play them whole group on the pocket chart with the entire class. You can even play them again a second day before placing them in a tub for students to do independently. I would not introduce more than one a day. I allow 2 or 3 children to go to a center at a time. So I have 9 centers going during the time frame. Since you are just starting them, I recommend giving the other students something very independent to work on so you can be sure that everyone can do what you are expecting them to do successfully. If you try to put too much out too soon it will be frustrating for you because your students will have too many questions. I learned by making this mistake :)

  10. Reagan, you are AWESOME! Thanks for the bloggy love and your yard work looks great!! I hope you enjoyed your family time yesterday and your shopping today ;)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  11. Happy Birthday to the hubs!
    Your plans are amazing---I'm always impressed with these!!
    Love your costume!

  12. Hi there! I'm just starting out blogging/TPT and love it but I cannot figure out how to make those collages that are previews of what is included in your packets? I love your blog, thanks!