Monday, April 9, 2012

Today Rocked!!!

Today we launched our Rockin Rocks unit!  We had SUCH a blast!
Here's a run down of our beginnings:
Day 1
Students enter the room to find a thinking map with a rock of their very own to touch and look at close-up!

Next they took it a step further at their tables. 
They circled three words on their circle thinking map that described their particular rock. 
They looked at the rock through a magnifying glass (super geologist stuff!)
Then they wrote three sentences using their descriptive words.

During our centers time, the science center was set up for the first rock activity. We are sorting the rocks by size first and tallying the data.
 I had three kids there today and they did well together.

All of these activities, a detailed age appropriate non-fiction read aloud explaining what rocks are and where you find them, and LOTS more are in my Rockin Rocks unit!
Click the picture of the unit to see what all is included.  Also there is a freebie at this rock post of mine from last month when I completed the unit.


  1. Love the kids getting their own rock to write about!
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  2. What a fabulous start to a really cool science unit:) I just became a follower. Please consider following my blog. I am pretty new at this stuff and needs lots of love. Http://

  3. I wish I had time to do this!! And that it was considered a "standard" where I am. SO FUN!!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. The rock lesson is wonderful. I love how you incorporated the tally marks into the recording sheet.

    I nominated your blog for a top 10 award.


  5. This looks fantastic Reagan! I love the graphics, the layout of the sheets, everything!

  6. I tagged you-

    Going Nutty!

  7. So impressed with your unit. I taught rocks to my 2nd graders last year with my combo class... I STRUGGLED to make it fun. If only I "knew" you then!
    Dragonflies in First

  8. The pictures are great, looks like your students were highly engaged into this lesson. Rockstar day for you!

    Kevin Howell

  9. YOU rock, Reagan!! I love these pictures and all the funness (that is word, right?) of this post!