Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Real Rocks of Limestone County

Cue the Title Sequence Song...
 It's a new series.
Meet Sharon...Stone
She's a sweet and innocent looking gal with eyes for Slate. As most of the girls have...
Slate Stone "rocks" a handsome widow's peak and is totally rumored to be part vampire...Just look at his vampire mullet.
Next we have Punk...Rock.   She's not the sharpest stone in the yard.... Her rock and roll edge make her one of a kind...As do the cut up pom poms she uses as hair.
Punk Rock is not on Team Slate...but has crossed-eyes for Chip.  He's the short flat silent type.
Oh.My.Word...I could go on all day.  What fun we had making these today.

Here's how it happened:

We started with three limestones from the yard.  Limestone is abundant here.  This picture of my kids is to show you the patio fireplace made of limestone.  It is soft and chalky.  I think it is really pretty.  The kids aren't bad either...  :)
These lime stones from the yard are just a tad more earthy and natural...
 But the first step is painting them.
Then we added googly eyes yarn, pom poms, or even faux fur from the craft closet!  (Slate's hair) You can make elderly rocks with cotton balls too.  Sky's the limit! 

I made these pet rocks for examples to bring in to school.    Our study of rocks is coming up in the Spring.   After we have conducted our rock experiments I have my students all bring in a fist-sized rock from home.

First they make their pet rock.  Then they name them.


 I always act like they pick the BEST names ever!

 It helps make our study of rocks memorable and it definitely motivates them to write!

I have a confession...I think I threw out my previous pet rock.  I had made one the first time I taught rocks for science.  He made the move to Texas from California five years ago, but this year he is nowhere to be found!

I like to imagine him skipping with his blue yarn hair blowing in the breeze along the Guadalupe River so let's go with that happy memory and move on!

 Maybe he will turn up as Slate's long lost brother in a future episode and it will cause a rift or a love triangle...we never can be certain.... 


  1. These are HiLaRiOuS!!! I love your names! Such an amazing idea for studying rocks!

    Sparkles , Smiles, and Student Teaching

  2. I hate hate hate rocks and learning about them at school but somehow you made me want to go find a rock!

    Excellent post

    Ms. Patterson

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  3. I love this idea. I'm more of a mineral girl, but these would definitely make learning about rocks fun!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love them and love the little bio on each!!! How fun! I want to come play at your house on Sundays and craft and drink coffee and, and, and, and.......................

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. come over!!! It's like grown up barbies!

  5. I think you have reality show material on your hands!
    I mean, think of all the trouble those rocks could get into together???
    All the fights, the confessions, the love triangles..... I would totally Tivo it!

    Going Nutty!

  6. LOVE IT!! And the kiddos are ADORABLE! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  7. Love these! I let my students paint rocks and then write "My Dad Rocks" for Father's Day! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  8. So adorable and C.U.T.E.!! You are amazingly creative. So, here's my offer - if in your rock unit, you want a space scientist (with a Masters in geology) to Skype in from NASA, let us know and John's happy to do that. Part of his job there is education and outreach and when schools want him to visit but they're not that close, then he does computer conference chats. That might be fun for your little geologists!


  9. I want to come over and make one of these with you!!!!!! SO FUN!!! We could make up stories all day!!!
    PS Thanks for the FREE UNIT!!!!!! You were just a spring chicken 7 months ago. Me too.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. Yes you Tara and me!!! We can play rocks...or barbies for hours! I used to go through like 5 generations of a barbie family on a saturday in my bedroom. Oh the sordid plots! Such fun!~

  10. You have to act like their names are all brilliant! But wait a tic...are you actually in limestone county?

  11. no I am not...didn't even know there was a limestone county!

  12. You're hilarious! Can I be in your class?

    Judy :)

  13. ok now enter Farley Flint... who is a spitFIRE... Ha ha ha
    and can I come over and play too... PURTY PLEASE!!! so cute as always and your kiddos uber adorable... did she cut her hair???

    1. Yes but only 2 inches!!! :) just a big trim. Yes come over! Farley Flint ha ha ha...I almost gave Sharon Stone your bangs to see if you would notice!

  14. So cute and fun... makes me want to play, too!
    LOVE how you made something so mundane seeming into something so fun and entertaining.
    Makes me want to play, too!
    Dragonflies in First

    1. Traci you are always invited to come over and play!

  15. Oh my goodness. I just love these!!!

    Grade ONEderful

  16. Super cute! Can my daughter be in your class!?! :) Love the way you make it memorable.

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  17. This is awesomeness (is that even a word?) at its best--YOU ROCK!

  18. The rocks are so cute! I've been looking for "rock inspired" lessons and ideas and I stumbled upon your blog! I'm a new follower!! Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers To School

  19. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas