Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lunch Linky and The Daily Five Update

I am joining the lunch linky party with Tara!

Here's my lunch box and contents from today
Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and hummus.  Pistachios for my snack later. 

I forgot to eat my pistachios and when I came into my room after school all I had left were shells all over my desk from my son.  He got to them first.  The nerve.

P.S. I am on a diet and I have lost 7 pounds!!!  

So here's my lunch situation:
We have recess first  10:40 to 11:10 and then lunch from  11:10 to 11:40.  I have to be with the kids for one of the two times.  Our team switches off.  By the time we get to our rooms from one or the other duty it boils down to about a 20 minute lunch.  If you are heating anything up then you get 18 minutes.  Some days it feels like 5 minutes.

But I get 45 minutes every day for specials..........  Moment of silence for the specials teachers. 

Now for an update from
This year the daily five was not going as effectively as I wanted it to.  We have a restless and less independent group than the last two years and I felt like the quality of work being done while not in my reading group was just not good.  My brilliant team leader found a rotation chart on the smart exchange and I changed it up for my daily five groups.  It is PERFECT for my class.

Here's what the chart looks like.
  It is on my smart board the entire time.  When the timer dings.  We rotate clockwise.

Before this,  I kept finding myself redirecting everyone over my group that was trying to read to me.  It was NOT good.  This changed everything for me. 

Here's what it looks like in action:

Group at computers is doing raz-kids
She was thrilled they had an astronaut book since we are studying the moon
 Daily 5 Choice group can choose from:

 Read to Self

Read to Someone
My Easter tree looks a fright!
 Word Work
Or Work on Writing

 The ipod group can take their earbuds (if they have any) and use the apps designated for their time.

My reading group can finally get my attention instead of dealing with me redirecting over the top of them!!!

I made some Daily 5 signs at the beginning of the school year and we still recite the rules about once a week. There are 5 of these.
 I say the first word and they chime in with the rest of the rule.  It's fun and we sing song it.  So now I can just say, "Sit" and they all say "where you won't talk!" For some reason this thrills me.

I know it's the last part of the school year, but it's never too late to shake em up and show em who's boss   be sure your kids are getting all they can and back on track if something isn't working!  Hope this helps someone else like it did for me!


  1. yay for losing weight!! wish I could lose this last 10....and we can NOT keep hummus - we go thru it so quickly, even A devours it!

  2. I'm with Jen....LOVE hummus! AND wish I only had 10 pounds to lose....:/ I have more like 50....I know...not cool!!! But I'm on my way....lost 10 last weigh in and that was a few weeks ago...I need to kick up the exercise a notch (or 10). Thanks for linking up girl:) Makes my heart sing:) Love the looks of your Daily 5 board...did you make all the signs?? Love them:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. I love your Daily 5 rules! And that word work, too!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. Congrats on weight loss!! I really like your SmartBoard setup, how exactly did you create it? or what program? That would work great with the timer!

    Sparkles , Smiles, and Student Teaching

  5. I think you've lost 7 pounds because you're starving yourself. Seriously. I would die. I like the cucumbers and the carrots (the tomatoes would have to be roasted for me) and the hummus . . . but where's the rest of your lunch?????? Congrats on the weight loss, though! I'm happy if you're happy!
    Your rotation time looks amazing: 1) look how small your class size is 2) look at your smart board 3) look at your computers 4) look at your iPods 5) look at your reading group!
    I am so jealous.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. Those 20 minutes (in reality less than) lunches are the worst, huh? We have 45 minutes specials on most days too--that is lovely! Congrats on your dieting success, that's always so exciting!

    I LOVED seeing how you run your D5. I think the smart board is a brilliant way to organize it--so, so smart! I am definitely going to keep that in mind, I don't think it's ever too late to tweak things. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas Reagan!

  7. Good stuff!!! I don't have much more in me - we had conferences tonight and I'm fried.

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  8. Reagan,

    This is fantastic stuff! Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Your lunch looks yummy! I love hummus so much. Cute lunch bag, too!


  10. Your lunch does look good but I am with Kristin... I would be so hungry afterwards too!!

    I also love everything else you said. I think math stations and reading time would go more smoothly if I had a Smart Board to keep everyone in line... but I agree that it isn't too late to change things up if necessary!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  11. What an awesome post! I love the SmartBoard rotation schedule. I am going to hang onto that for next year when I start up Daily 5. Thankfully my kids are calm this year and can handle the choice but we never know what a new year will bring! Thanks for all of the ideas! :)


    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog
    Teachers Pay Teachers Store

  12. I am dreaming of having ipods in my classroom one day!!

    Doodle Bugs Teaching
    Doodle Bugs Paper

  13. ok 2 things-- Your lunch looks so yummy and healthy! And, My class is the same way this year!! I should have done something a long time ago.. but I love this chart!! I have a Promethean Board so I might just have to make one up myself! Great stuff!!
    Teaching, Learning, & Loving

  14. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    That is me crying because I don't have a smartboard-& I don't have iPods-

    I can't knock you on your lunch- wait til you see my Linky Lunchbox:)

    Going Nutty!

  15. I wish I had a SMART brand board, but my district is cheap and went with a cheaper option that stinks big time.

    Are you going to the Daily 5 and CAFE workshop in SA April 16th and 17th? I convinced my principal to let me go and I cannot wait!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  16. I, too, am totally jealous of your class size. I SOOOOOOOO miss rotations.
    And I'm jealous of your iPods, too!
    And your 45 minute DAILY?! wow Specials.
    Yummm to the hummus. :D
    Dragonflies in First

  17. Hi Reagan:

    This entry should win a Happy Post Award!
    Healthy lunch, weight loss, cute lunch tote, smiling (CUTE!) kids, organized Daily 5, iPods, iPods, iPods, smart use of SMART board, organization, labeled cubbies in a box (or does that just make ME happy?!), fabulous signs, established routines... All is right in the world!
    I keep scrolling back to the top to enjoy it over and over.
    Now I'm getting kind of carsick from watching the pictures go up and then go down, so I'll stop here and just say: HAPPY!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  18. I love how you store your earbuds! Do you put those on their supply lists?

    Mary Beth
    Run Teacher, Run

  19. Wow, I am completely jealous of your classroom! Your computer set up, ipods, smartboard...ahhh someday. I love your lunch, mine is almost exactly the same, lol! Congrats on the weight loss I know how tough it can be to stay on track.
    Surfin' Through Second

  20. I LOVE this idea..., and the HUUMUS with veggies! I am definitely going to use this in September! I don't currently have enough students during our Reading Workshop time to start it now because I have 5 kids who go with our Resource Teacher for reading intervention, and I have another 5-kids who go with my Educational Assistant because they aren't on text yet :(. Right now I use my smart board (during this time) for relaxation sounds and images (crackling fireplace, waves on the beaches) as the kids are cozy in their reading centers.
    Oh ipods, I dream of having you someday!
    For my lunch, we have lunch supervisors who take care of the kids, and all the teachers get a 50min lunch. Somedays it's just what my sanity has ordered(needed) to work throught the afternoon.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  21. Ok,I had to stop as soon as I read your post and go try to make a timer for my smartboard. I was able to do it, but it won't start automatically. I was adding customized music - do you think that's why? What a terrific idea!

  22. I was inspired by your Daily 5 board and made my own for my promethean. I tried something like it last year but they were given more choice and this is much easier. I have only used it for 2 days but so far so good. Thursday we had read to self for the whole class and they didn't make a peep for over 15 minutes. I didn't want to stop. It was beautiful. Not sure why it was different but I wish I could repeat it!!

    Thank you
    Little Priorities

  23. LOVE the earbud container!! I'm so doing that! Ingenious!

    Found you through Tara's Lunchbox Linky! Can't wait to stalk you.


  24. Hi! I was wondering where you found the colorful "70's looking" letters for your Daily 5 sign.

  25. I love the Daily Five Smartboard rotation. I looked for the template on Smart Exchange but had no luck! Would you be willing to share it by email or a download on your blog?

    1. I have looked too and can not find it. Please share :) thank you very much!

  26. I too, could not find the Daily 5 smartboard rotation and would like the template. Great ideas!

  27. I love your barn book shelf- did you make it yourself or was it a purchase? I bet your kids read until the cows come home!

  28. I looked in your TPT store for the daily 5 rule signs. Can you help me? I would love a copy of those!

  29. I am looking for the daily 5 rule signs too. Can you help me find them?

  30. Hi!! I too was looking for your Daily 5 signs. Did you take them down? Love how you structured your Daily 5.


  31. Hi,

    I'm also searching for your daily 5 signs. Your blog is fabulous btw!

    :) Stacy

  32. I'm also here in search of your awesome Daily 5 signs. Are they available anywhere?

  33. Yes I took them down. I am so sorry I can't help you. I didn't want to infringe on the sister's program!

  34. Can you please post the link for the smartboard template for rotations? Couldn't find on smartboard exchange.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I'd love a copy of the SMART Board file, if you're willing to share! Looks fantastic! :)

  37. Can you please send me your reading rotation SMART notebook chart and your DAILY 5 center signs? I am redoing everything I have done in the past. This group is very immature and I am going to try this.

    Stacy Fergusos
    2nd grade teacher

  38. Can you please send me your reading rotation chart? The only problem is I have active inspire, can you send it so I can open it? I would greatly appreciate it!

  39. Could you email the rotation chart? Or do you know of a way to create it on the Smartboard Notebook? I am super new to the software

    1. My email is
      Thanks so so much!!

  40. Would you mind sending me your Smart rotation? I would be so grateful! My email is

  41. Hi,
    I am joining the bandwagon and asking for a copy of your SmartBoard Daily 5 rotation template. Like others before me I was unable to find it on Smart Exchange. My email is:


  42. OK, here is another request for the Smartboard file...pleeease???? I have scrutinized the Smartboard site and it is *POOF*, gone. Is it customizable do you know? I have to run 5 groups!!! Thank you in advance so much.

  43. Hi there, I really want to tell you, you're wrong. Your own blog didn't make any sense.

  44. Just found the awesome Smartboard rotation picture and would love the template also---I can't find it either. My email is

    Thank you! LOVE your classroom organization!!

  45. I LOVE the smartboard rotation but can seem to find it on Smart Exchange. Can you email the template to me at

    Thank you so much for posting this!!

  46. Hi!
    Can I please get a copy of this station rotation chart. It's AWESOME :)

  47. Can I please get a copy of your smartboard rotation? It is so cute!!

  48. Hi there! I love your rotations. I'm still trying to figure it all out *sigh* could I please also get a copy of your smartboard rotation? Thanks!

  49. I too tried searching on SMART exchange for the rotation template and couldn't find it. As a grade level team we struggled with how to smoothly present these in our literacy rotations last year. THIS IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION!! Would you please email( or post the link? Thank you!!
    Thank you for all the great ideas!

  50. Could you or someone e-mail me with the SMART exchange rotation template. sbell(at)bureauvalley(dot)net Thanks~

    1. Hello any luck on getting the rotation template?

  51. Can I please get the Smart exchange rotation template??

  52. Please send your Smartboard rotation to me, too!

    Thank you.

  53. Can you please send me a copy of the Smartboard rotation. I looked on smart exchange and was unsuccessful. That would be perfect for my 4th graders!


  54. I would love a copy of the Smartboard rotation. Thanks.

  55. I would also love a copy of the smartboard rotation. Thanks:)

  56. I would also love a copy of the smartboard rotation. Thanks so much!

  57. Your D5 rotation chart is great ! would you please send me a copy? Thanks!

  58. hi reagan, i realize this is an older post, so i hope you see this. everyone here is asking for the smart board link, but i would love to have the link for your daily 5 signs if it is still accessible. it doesn't link to anything on TpT. i love how simple they are and would truly appreciate it your sharing if you can! thanks for all the great ideas you share on your amazing blog! you are an inspiration! thanks so much! ana

  59. Hello Reagan, I would like to have a copy of your D5 rotaiton chart from smart exchange. I searched in Smart exchange and was unable to locate it. My email is Thanks