Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minute to Win It

Here is the Game List  for you to use with your family, at a party, or with your class.  We tried these out tonight and put them in order of difficulty.  There are 7 games here.  I made sure to use only easy household items that require little to no prep! Click on the green link for your own copy of the games!
Game 1
Go Fish  
This one is a great way to start things off.  Everyone wins! fan the tissue paper fish across the room or into a box. 

Game 2  
This Blows
players must blow a cup off the table using a straw.  Pretty easy for most!

Nose Dive
players put vasoline on their noses and must transfer 10 cotton balls from one plate to another.

 Game 4
Bean there done that
player suck a bean on the end of a straw and run it to a cup.  They must get 5 beans in their cup. ( I thought ten would be good but it was TOO hard)

Game 5
Scrambled Cereal
 This was a tough one! If using this game for kids,  I might save it for last or give them more time.  They have to put together a cereal box cover.

 Game 6
Noodling Around
  Player must get 4 penne pasta on a spaghetti noodle using only your mouth. (for kids we snapped off some of the length of the spaghetti noodle and made them only get 3 penne)

Game 7
Face the Cookie
 Players must get a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial expressions.  This was last because it is hard...but it was fun!

I plan to play this with my first graders in the Spring.  I also played it with a group of 5th graders this morning, and they really enjoyed the games.  I hope you are able to use it! :)


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    1. My son loves this show! He is in our 5th grade buddy class...for my firsties...he will be thrilled! Thanks!

  2. Looks like fun! These will be great for party days. Thank you!

  3. This is awesome!! Thank you for the fun ideas and print outs! I'm definitely going to have to blog stalk you!

  4. I appreciate this! I'm going to use it as a motivator for the state math test- I just mentioned this in my blog post here:


  5. Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to use them as ice breakers the first week of school! Fun stuff...I'll be playing with them!

  6. Thanks for sharing! What great ideas!

  7. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the games and the pics! Can't wait to try them out at my son's party :)

  8. Great game ideas! We are going to use some for our Christmas Eve party with the family. Thank you :)

  9. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!