Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Classroom Organization

This year I brought home a carload of curriculum in hopes to reorganize my files! (I think I do this EVERY SUMMER) 

This is the wall of OLD files...it's embarrassing but we ALL have this right??? Please don't leave me hanging here.
 In the past I have tried: binders, regular files, and drawers and I just don't seem to manage it well.  Since we use tubs and small groups for so much of our day, I think my new system might be more teacher friendly. When lessons are not in tubs for students to access I plan to store them in my wall of cupboards. 
(shown below)

   My bright idea was to group like lessons, games, and activities together in containers that can sit in my cupboards. So far I have created over 50 gallon sized, ziploc baggies with labels that hold each activity. 

I will have a container that is all about number puzzles.  I have made lots of these activities over the Summer so far.  I think I counted 18 so far!   Most of which I found on teacher blogs for free!  Check my blog list on the left hand side of the page!
This is showing one of the activities I made this Summer.  I will have a container that houses all the like lessons so I can grab which ever ones I am ready to use that week and add them to my lessons and my student tubs.
  When I have something that needs more space due to large items that go with those lessons, it will get it's own container.  Subjects like science and social studies that have props and experiments will all go in a container with a label in front like The Water Cycle or Famous Americans. 

This is my minute to win it tub.  It has all the materials and game instructions ready to go in one tub!

Here is the view from the side.  Each bag has game instructions and materials.

Ziplocs and EZ tape are my new BFFs!                                                        


  1. I also organize my games/stations in ziploc baggies and put a lable on the front of the baggies and put them in containers. I'm in the process of organzing all of that this summer, and making a ton more games that I've found on these awesome blogs. I just found your blog, thanks for sharing.


  2. I just found your blog. It is AWESOME! Thanks for all the downloads. Love word doctor!!! Your sight word sandwich shown above looks cute. Could you share that? I will be stalking your blog in hopes you share more of your cute games. Thanks a bunch!

  3. If you look at the June Joy post you will see an example of sight word sandwiches. I didn't make that one with graphics, I actually sat down with markers and construction paper and made the parts of the sandwich for students to build. It's definitely a Summer project! Thanks for stalking!

  4. Thank you, I did see it later. Can you tell me what you do once you make the sight word sandwich pieces?

  5. The students build a sight word sandwich by reading the words on the parts of the sandwich as they build it. They can keep making combinations of sandwiches as they read the words. If you want they could also record the sandwich they built on a cute sandwich paper...hmmm...just thought of something else to make! :)

  6. I have been looking for minute to win it ideas to use in my kindergarten classroom and found your blog! Cute! I am your newest follower!
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  7. Such a great idea and so simple to keep everything organized! I love your blog!

  8. Your organization is great! Love Minute to Win It games!
    Conversations in Literacy