Monday, October 5, 2015

Number Sense Lesson Plans and Materials

This year I have taken my math lesson plans and created an all in one unit for each main concept we teach in math for the entire year.

This is all about number sense-unit 1.   This unit has 20 whole group and 20 small group lessons.

I also added in a few graphing activities to kick off the number sense unit because they help us get to know each other as mathematicians.

Each lesson has a whole group activity that is hands on and engaging.  Following the whole group lesson, there is a small group component with materials!

(Graphing titles for a pocket chart) 

Small group games

Complete lesson plans with differentiated small group ideas and materials

Hands on whole group fun! 
Just add manipulatives to paper sacks and attach the labels.  Students count, write, and draw each amount.  You can decide which numbers your students need to practice the most. 

Engaging math ideas that make learning FUN!

Games to make your learners feel like they are playing while practicing important concepts. 

Just add your own math manipulatives to have a blast teaching number sense! 

This is a peek at unit 2 Addition and subtraction. 
Each unit can stand alone, but also builds into the next.  

Practicing switching addends to create the same sum (picture cue version) 
Flip flop method (number cue version) 

Hands on with basic story problems.  
Distinguishing between addition and subtraction. 

                              Number Sense                           Addition and Subtraction

                   Addition and Subtraction (Part 2)             Place Value    

If you are looking for guided math in action in my classroom, check it out HERE.  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Nautical Themed Birthday at the Tunstall's

I tend to be laser focused on all things teaching when it comes to this blog, but today I feel like sharing a touch of home life!  I hope you'll take a tiny break from lesson planning and join me!

My daughter had her 15th birthday party this weekend!  Her name is Morgan and we have some special nicknames to describe her personality.  The main one being, Morganized.  She is not only very organized, but artsy and creative too!  So let me show  you how we Morganized this party!

She decided on a pool party with a nautical theme.   We started with food, of course.   Party and food are pretty much synonyms if you ask me.

I found these adorable canisters (They are plastic!) at Walmart in the party aisles.  I got 4 of them!  We used twizzlers for octopus legs and pretzel rods as driftwood.

The bait is a combination of swedish fish and gummy worms.

I saw some really adorable croissant sandwiches that looked like crabs on pinterest and wanted to make them, but Morgan begged me to go the easy route and said submarine sandwiches would still be nautical.  Ya'll those girls mowed down this entire tray.  Swimming can make you very hungry!

To go with the submarine sandwiches...

This lobster went face down in the onion dip. (so did I) Sssshhhhhh

There was no shortage of treats at this party.  We made sea stars out of krispy treats and placed them on brown sugar for the sand.  Walmart also had this sea glass in the party section so we sprinkled it around for some decor.  The burlap place mats came from hobby lobby and I stole them from our dinner table.

 We had ocean water on tap for the evening.  This is blue Hawaiian punch and sprite.

  We have a dark counter top and it just wasn't working for me, so I found a drawer full of sheer  curtain panels from 2009 and used them as our sandy beach picnic blanket.   Because I am a teacher, I had tons of little extras for staging in my hoarding closet, like the shells and the big nautical net.

On the day of her party I put up the decorations and set out the gifts.  I let the balloons do the talking when I could.

In our dining room I set out her gifts, the gifts for her friends, and some fun party games.

These girls spent most of the time huddled giggling and talking.  Yearbooks came out at one point, but in the middle of it were these fun games that I had found on pinterest.  I am so glad we had them because they induced a lot of bonding and conversations.

This truth or dare came from Mom of 6.   She has it as a printable.  I changed my lid toppers and bottle labels but otherwise she saved the day for sure!

These little clams were for a game, but we didn't end up playing it.  They make cute little party favors.  I got them on Etsy here.   I bought a bag of pearl colored sixlets.  We hate the candy, but love the look of it.  :) 

We also found some other fun party games that the girls loved.
Would you Rather was a big hit.  It's another printable!  I found it on landeelou along with the road trip games which you really don't need a road trip to play!

Besides the party food, the only other money I spent was on a few little special things like these jellyfish I got on Etsy here.  They came in a set of 4.  The other two are hanging outside.

I also got this sweet little tassel banner which my daughter now has in her room.

I really wanted to make each girl that came to Morgan's party a scuba gear party favor gift, but because it is technically fall, there really isn't much to find for fun pool party gifts.  Instead I went with the sleepover idea.

Each girl got a little fleece blanket with her name and a life saver.

And a little journal, scented markers and washi tape.  It was so neat to see them all with their blankies.  I will do anything to keep them young! :)

While Morgan was at school I tidied up her room.  We surprised her with this vanity and stool.  She recently got contacts and I thought this would make it a little easier for her to adjust.

 Tucked inside the little drawer is the bible verse, Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.  Proverbs 21:35

This sweet, precious, little lady is turning 15 on Monday!  I am so proud of her! She is caring, empathetic, and smart as can be!

We grabbed two packs of glow sticks and tossed them in the pool at night.  This kept my son and his friends happy and occupied.

And now...we recover.....

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fire Safety Ideas and Freebie

Today I blogged at Blog Hoppin'.  Head over to get your freebie fire safety sequence activity and a lot of other great ideas to make learning fire safety fun and academic!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Spiders and Bats!

There is no shortage of novelty themes in October!  It can also be a little overwhelming at times to choose what is best for meeting the standards while having a blast too!  Here are some ideas for incorporating spiders and bats into your learning!  (For pumpkins read this post)

First up, creepy crawly spiders! I love motivating writing with arts and crafts.  Writing facts is a terrific way to encourage stretching sounds.  Students are pumped about what they know and want to show you on paper!   The materials used for this project are sharpies, oil pastels, and a zillion googly eyes.  :)

Spider math centers make independent practice way more fun than a worksheet!  Just add some fun seasonal poms, spiders, and bats to make those little dendrites hum with happiness!

 Review of addition and skip counting thanks to spiders!!!

 Use these links to grab some goodies for your studies on amazon! 
black poms for the cheapest spiders around!  :) 

If you didn't catch my post on this little interactive spider book packed with spider science and writing check it out here.

Now to bats!  I can't help but start with the art and writing fun!

This watercolor project 

 Every year we enjoyed Stellaluna by Janell Cannon and we completed a week long book study.

click the book to find it on amazon

It's kind of a big deal!  It is simple enough that my first graders can do it in October.  In the picture below students are working hard I place one of the little bats on their table and that just makes life the best.

 There are 4 activities to do with the book and then a grading rubric that I stapled to the packet for their scores.  Oh the excitement.

Students also get to see bats in their math centers of course! 

Last year I took the exciting science, vocab, and writing connections we make and turned them into a bat book bursting with activities!

Here are some non fiction bat books that that create fantastic lessons during this time! 
click the covers to find them on amazon

I love these fiction bat books too! 
 click the covers to find them on amazon

October can be a long and tiring month for teachers!  I hope this can provide some excitement while filling up those empty places in your lesson plans! :)